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About us

Just a very short introduction to the commited philosophy & heritage that keeps the brand a favourite among our regular customers


Café Turquoise Cottage as a brand needs almost no introduction, established in 1997 with TC , the pub, adding flavour in 1999.


Turquoise cottage has been lauded umpteen times be it the Award for best music in Pubs & Restaurants in 2004, being on the list of Cosmopolitans top 50 restaurants in 2005, and being listed by both the Hindustan Times and the New York times as one of the countries best destinations in 2006. The list is endless and much sought after destination for all age groups.


After almost 20 years of operation they decided to take the people favorite pan India & having started Franchising only 1 ½ years back have already three successfully running franchises, and are looking to expand at a rapid pace throughout India.


Café Turquoise Cottage has now taken up residence in the up market Green Park, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Delhi / Garden Galleria Mall , Noida (U.P) / Cyber Heights, Gomti Nagar , Lucknow (U.P)



Interior Philosophy.

The All new but yet not so different Turquoise Cottage at different locations boast of … red brick walls, large expanses of wood, a busy bar, rustic posters and retro music but with many new twists .. the wood has been burnished and burnt, the lines have been straightened just enough for people to experience a new space but not so much as to loose the feeling of home.

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